Sunday, January 23, 2011

Swedish classic Kexchoklad launches its first big 'flavour' extension Kexchoklad Blåbär

Kexchoklad is for Sweden what Kit Kat is for the UK:  a classic chocolate biscuit brand that most people are emotionally attached to in one way or another. This attachment is often related to strong, positive and emotionally charged childhood memories.

Kexchoklad is also a brand with a strong following and relevance. With a high brand awareness and lack of relevant competitition sales stay high year after year without major investments. I think we can all agree that it must be a fairly good position to be in?

So why they launch of a flavoured line extension - and one that's not just a limited edition? Well, that's a good question. The answer may relate back to a number of reasons. This may be a serious attempt to add a new permanent member to the family. Another reason might be that the current heavy users of Kexchoklad are conservative, and that the brand through this extension wants to attract new, more novelty seeking users to the brand. Whatever the reason, it will be an interesting launch to follow. Will Kexchoklad Blåbär attract consumers, and will it be a permanent addition to the chocolate fixture? Will Kexchoklad Blåbär damage or add new vigour to the Kexchoklad brand?

New year - new postings?

Well, you haven't seen me write for a while and some of you might have wondered what I've been up to. Well, the sad and simple truth is - not much. Apart from traditional celebrations, presents and so on I've simply had a couple of terrible weeks with flu, colds and stuff like that. Family colds and fevers have effectively shut off all my energy and enthusiasm for writing anything at all. Sad but true.

So, it's been a tough start to the new year - but hopefully the doom and gloom days will pass soon.

And, I promise to also this year write more about marketing, insight and interesting concepts and innovations!