Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pepsi diet - now in the new, and debated 'skinny' can

 In todays Resume the new Pepsi 'skinny' can is mentioned.  I'm a firm believer in the power of attractive packaging and packaging design that's fully aligned with the brand proposition. And I think the new Pepsi 'skinny' can is just that. It's a modern and sleek packaging targeted at a group of consumers who care about their appearance and the stylishness of products. So what is so wrong about that? Well, the reason the new 'skinny' can causes a bit of outrage in media is of course the play on the word 'skinny' and its obvious linkages to this body ideal. There must of course be a specific reason for the use of the 'skinny' word in marketing communications. Pepsi knows that it will cause a debate, and thus.... lots of extra media and social media coverage for the new bottle and design. Is this ethical? Hmmm, well Pepsi don't seem to mind that much. And ethical or not, I'm sure it will be profitable. So, from my perspective this can be summarised as great design, great packaging but with debatable marcoms and corporate ethics.
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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

AXA launches new concept - AXA Great

I quite like the look of the new concept AXA Great and I think the push of instant oatmeal porridge is a really good one in Sweden, a country where people love eating oatmeal porridge. The big difficulty will be to convice Swedes that porridge can also be eaten as an in-between meal or as a light lunch or evening snack. This is how porridge is eaten in many of our neighbouring countries but it will be something new for Swedes. The other challenge will be to build awareness and distribution for a product that is 'new' to consumers and retailers alike. Whilst being an old product in many ways this new and more convenient way of enjoying porridge will still be a challenge. Where are we e.g. going to find this product in supermarkets? 

Whilst there will be challenges I think the AXA Great concept is a modern and fresh concept for today's current porridge consumers. And if AXA builds awareness I think it might also have the potential to attract new or light users to the category. Now porridge doesn't have to be dull and boring. Instead it can be fresh, innovative and yummy looking!