Saturday, April 17, 2010

Tiger Woods - Desperate attempt to strengthen his brand

This ad by Tiger and Nike is sure an interesting and rather desperate attempt to strengthen his personal brand. For me, it's a typical example of a branding and communication at its worst. At the same time as media reports on his chaotic lifestyle and forecoming divorce. Tiger simply calmly stands there, listening carefully to his fathers wise words, looking like he's learned an awful lot... This is bullshit! It totally lacks reason to believe. Nike nows it - and it's embarassing. Maybe Nike and Tiger should just have been wise enough to wait with any attempt to strengthen brand until the basic hygiene factors had been on track when Tiger had proved himself a bit more, both on and off the golf course. He simply appears to be an even bigger loooooooooser (and now I'm talking about his personality) than before the scandal.

But there's another issue here too. And it is the desperate attempt by one of Tigers main sponsors Nike. What on earth did the Nike marketeers think when they decided to go ahead with this commercial. What's the issue that they want to overcome here? And did they thoroughly analyse this with any serious or smart strategic planner at their ad agency? If so, what on earth what the analysis that gave them the belief that this ad was a good idea? Is it good for Tiger? Is it good for Nike? I'm perplexed!

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