Friday, October 2, 2009

Knorr Fond du Chef - smart product from Knorr

I spotted new Knorr Fond du Chef the other day. And find it a good, practical and also very predictable new product from Knorr in these days of e-number fears and premiumisation. Fond du Chef is a more premium style stock product from Knorr which contains all natural ingredients with no MSG. As far as I know all the traditional Knorr stock cubes contain MSG - not the most appealing ingredient these days. And as far as I know their competitor Bong has no MSG in their products... So what do health concerned consumers do? Well, I am pretty sure that they go for Bong instead of Knorr...
But with Fond du Chef Knorr has the answer for those health concerned foodies. And personally I find Fond du Chef a pretty appealing product. I think that it's the right 'slightly premium... but not too much premium' move for the Knorr brand and the product itself is both convenient and useful. The 'portion' sized stock idea is interesting and it certainly builds on what Knorr stock is all about. However, today users of premium stock and Bong are used to having to measure up their stock so it will certainly be interesting to see if Knorr manages to get both current Knorr and competitor users to understand a new behaviour.

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