Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Knorr - Bag of Taste, clever new concept by Unilever

Just saw the Knorr 'Bag of Taste' ad on the telly and just had to write a short note to say that I love this new concept by Knorr. During recent years we've already seen a couple of good launches by Knorr and they appear to be on the perfect path to growth.

I also believe that Unilever has done a good job revitalising the Knorr brand and I see the 'Bag of Taste' as yet another evidence that they have great new concepts in the pipeline, concepts with benefits that are built on real consumer insights and that will help the Knorr brand to climb on the value ladder.


  1. Hi, just fyi but this launch is more or less a copy of the Maggi spice mixes with a bag. So personally I do not feel it's about Knorr's great concepts but rather about how good they are at quickly copying a working concept :)


  2. Thanks for the info Thomas. Yes, maybe originality wasn't the case but rather clever tactics. Maggi is not a well-known brand where I'm based but of course I know it from my years abroad. So Unilever stole the idea from Nestle. And I wonder if Nestle was actually the inventors in this case? Or did they steal from someone else. Well, stealing with pride can also be successful innovation tactics. As long as you do it well :-)