Sunday, November 22, 2009

Nice new organic coffee and grocery shop concept by swedish retailer Coop

Well, is it new or not? I claim that it is new simply because I cannot find any information about it on the Coop website or anywhere else... Isn't that a bit strange? Well, it might be a little less secret now when I write about it...  I spotted this organic concept store in Gothenburg this weekend and the idea and execution was so nice so I had to write about it.
The swedish retailer Coop has been positioning itself as the most organic and fair trade retailer in the market for a long time. And this positioning could indeed be very appealing for consumers. This concept store is one step on the way... a very positive step! I want to know more about Coops plans for this concept!


  1. I keep hearing about these stores opening up, but I haven't found one in my area (suburbs of Boston). I would love to support an all organic coffee shop/store, they just have to open first!

  2. This is cool! I have already seen these kind of concept in our place and several coffee shops built their shops inside a supermarket or a grocery store to attract more buyers.