Monday, September 7, 2009

Dirty news about IKEA...

So... it was just a matter of time until it happened. Now a former employee of IKEA called Johan Stenebo tells us all the nasties behind this famous Swedish brand. I get a bit pissed off... Because I'm one of these people who just love IKEA. IKEA is an amazing Swedish innovative brand and something that all Swedes should be so very proud of. In fact, I find that IKEA is better at promoting Sweden abroad than the Swedish tourist council (sorry guys!). Durint the many years I have lived abroad IKEA has been an oasis of Swedish life and culture. I personally don't care if there are some issues behind the scenes in the Kamprad family. They are still doing a marvellous job and that is enough for me. They are innovative, with fantastic products, and a great strong brand that has more presence than most. Go IKEA!


  1. Halloj! Mycket intressant blogg. Du skulle kunna skriva en bok med ditt kunnande och ditt sätt att skriva. Enkelt och roligt att läsa och intressanta ämnen. Tycker jag då, som också jobbar med kommunikation.

    Ha det bra!

    Kram Pernilla