Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fresh innovative thinking by Göteborgs Kex

In the past you wouldn't have called the Swedish company Göteborgs Kex innovative - but over the last few years something has happened. I particularly like the new product ranges Bageriets Bästa and Utvalda. Bageriets Bästa is a range of premium, american style cookies and Utvalda is a range of premium cheese crackers.

Let us delve a bit deeper into Bageriets Bästa. The first smart move by Göteborgs Kex was to identify the market need for a more premium style biscuit line in Sweden. I must admit that I was pretty horrified by the biscuit selection at my local Ica when I first saw it after eight years working in London (a biscuit mecca by the way!). But then came Bageriets Bästa! Göteborgs Kex had managed to not only produce a really fine tasting biscuit - almost like home baked. They had also managed to package it very well indeed! Firstly, the products are supported by well executed packaging design - perfect for the target market (which I bet is 30-50 year old women?) And then they've added those lovely personal product names linked to the inventors of each cookie. And of course I wanted to try 'Emelies Berry Dream' or 'Fridas Oats and Heaven' cookies. However, when I then read the script on the package I got a bit doubtful of Fridas and Emelies existance... Were they real or just another marketing gimmick? Göteborgs Kex press contact claims they are real - I still feel a bit doubtful and I do want to know more about those great cookie inventors!

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