Friday, August 28, 2009

Nielsen Sweden - FMCG launch of the year 2009

I just read the Nielsen nominees. And after doing so I got even more convinced that Sweden needs more FMCG innovation. This years nominees are:
1. Pågen Subs (bread)
2. Procordia DIY Crumble fruit pies (frozen)
3. Arla Foods - Lactose free milk
To me it's obvious who should win. The really innovative product of the ones that Nielsen has nominated is by far Procordia DIY Crumble. Pågen Subs - yes, good idea but I don't personally find it category changing. It would be interesting to see what it has added in incremental sales. Arla Foods Lactose free milk - consumers have wanted it for years and I'm simply surprised that it has taken Arla so long to provide it. And then Procordia Do It Yourself Crumble mix (see photo)- I love this product. It's so simple. With fruit and crumble in one bag the stressed out mums and dads of today can cook a crumble in minutes without the mess! And with very simple instructions you cannot fail. Nevermind that the crumble will never look and taste as good as homebaked - it is still an incredibly convenient and smart product! Keep up the good work Procordia!

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